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Document required for Duplicate Driving License in Surat| Duplicate DL Surat | Fees of Duplicate DL | Require document for Duplicate Driving Licence in Surat

Duplicate Driving License Surat: A driving licence is an essential document to drive a vehicle in Surat. Traffic police can impose severe penalties on anyone who does not have a driving licence. That’s why it is advised to always Carry your Original Driving Licence along with other Important documents. In some cases when Original DL is lost or Damaged, you need to Apply for Duplicate Driving License in Surat. Today’s Article explains the Process of Applying for a Duplicate Driving Licence in Surat.

Surat Duplicate Driving License | Duplicate the DL

In some cases when Original DL is lost or Damaged, you need to Apply for Duplicate Driving License in Surat. First, make sure you have all the necessary documents to apply online for a duplicate driving licence in Surat.

Surat: Duplicate Driving Licence (DL), Requires Document.

What documents should you carry when applying for a duplicate Driving License?

  • Application in Form – 2 (LLD)
  • Original licence, if possible, defaced or written.
  • In the event of loss of a licence, photocopies attested of DL are available.
  • Along with the user charges, there are fees.
  • Copy of FIR
  • Photograph of passport size
  • Age proof
  • You must provide proof

Duplicate driving licence fees

The fee for getting a duplicate Driving licence is INR 200.

Procedure to Apply Duplicate Driving License in Surat

To apply for a duplicate driving permit in Surat, please visit the Sarth Parivahan Website https://parivahan.gov.in/. You can also select an online service for driving licence related services.

duplicate driving licence in UP

Now select Surat.

Redirect to Goa Sarthi parivahan website and, after the selection, another Page opens.

On this Page, Go to “Driving Licence” and click on “Services on DL(Renewal/duplicate/AEDL/IDP/Other)”

Duplicate DL in UP
  • This opens up the application submission instructions. Click on continue to continue
  • Enter your Driving Licence Number and Date Of Birth. Then click on Get Details to view your driving licence.
  • Next, choose your state name and RTO
Duplicate License
  • Click on Proceed
  • The details of your driving licence will now be displayed. If all the Information is Correct, Click on “Confirm”
Duplicate License
  • The Next Page will open up and you will be asked for your selection
  • In this Section, Select “Issue of Duplicate DL” and Click on “Proceed”
Duplicate License
  • On the next page, please indicate why you are applying for a duplicate driving license
  • Next, download the prefilled application form and acknowledgement
  • Next, you will need to make the online payment
  • Now you will need to take the receipt for application fees and the prefilled application form with you. Then, go to your RTO office.
  • Complete the Form and Return it.

In a few days, your duplicate driving license will arrive. You can then collect it at the Office.

We hope this article helped you to apply online for a duplicate driving license (DL) in Surat.

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