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Criticism of the Central Government Kamal’s Dappamkoothu song is in controversy

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The first song of the movie ‘Vikram’ starring Fahad Fazil and Vijay Sethupathi with world star Kamal was released yesterday. Kamal Haasan has written the lyrics, which Anirudh will be putting to music. Some of the lyrics of the song which starts with ‘Pathala Pathala’ which was released last day are now in controversy.

The controversy centers on the fact that some lines are directed at the Central Government. The children of the star’s party have been accused of playing the politics of justice.

‘There is no money in the treasury and there are many diseases. There is a central government but the Tamils ​​get nothing. Kamal said in the song that “the key is in thief’s hand.” The song states that the country will be more prosperous if people work harder. These lyrics are said to be a Tamil protest against Central Government.

Two days after the song’s release, it is still being praised for the dance moves of Kamal Haasan. YouTube alone has seen the song over one million times. Anirudh composed and Sandy choreographed the music. The movie will be released in theaters on June 3.

Lokesh is the director of Vikram’s big-budget film After Master. Kamal Haasan is joined by Fahad Fazil and Narain. Kalidas Jayaram also stars in the film. Even before the film’s release, the film had already entered the 100 crore club through OTT Rights.

Social media was abuzz with the black-and-white poster that featured close-ups from characters played by Kamal Haasan and Vijay Sethupathi. From the beginning of Vikram’s shooting, the presence of Malayalam actresses in the film had attracted a lot of attention. Vijay Sethupathi also plays a crucial role in this film.

In the ranks are not only actors but also Malayalees. Gireesh Gangadharan is the Malayalee photographer who will be handling Vikram’s camera. After Jellikettu and Jinn, Vikram will be Gireesh’s cinematographer. The title of the film was announced on Kamal Haasan’s birthday. Gireesh Gandharan is the cinematographer.

Vikram was filmed over 110 days. The video of Fahad Fazil shooting with director and Vikram’s team in the sky during the film’s backup time was very viral. Kamal Haasan, R Mahendran and Rajkamal Films International are the producers of Vikram. Lokesh and Ratnakumar write the dialogues.

Music by Anirudh Ravichandran. Philomin Raj edited. Conflict System Unpredictability. Art Director N Satish Kumar, Costume Designer Pallavi Singh, V Sai, Kavitha J, Makeup Shashi Kumar, Choreographer Sandy.

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