Delhi HC dismisses PIL against the affixing of images of gods on walls

The Delhi High Court on Monday dismissed the Public Interest Litigation (PIL) that sought to direct authorities to ban the hanging of images of gods on walls to ensure the deterrence of public urination or spilling on holy images or littering trash within it.
The Division Bench, headed by the Chief Justice Delhi Satish Chander Sharma and comprised of Justice Subramonium on Monday dismissed the appeal.
In accordance with the petition that was signed, people are using pictures of gods at various locations to curb the practice of public urination. But, these actions can harm the faith of the all people.

Its petitioner Gaurang Gupta, who is a practicing advocate, said they are “sacred for those who follow the religion. She also said that the public’s urination, spitting and throwing rubbish can be a danger to all people and committing these actions on holy images of God exceeds the rights provided in article 19(1)(a) and, therefore they are likely to be deemed to be reasonable restrictions.
Spitting, urine and throwing rubbish to the face of God could be considered to violate the image of God. of God. Therefore, it’s beyond the scope of the provisions of Article 19(1)(a) and may be restricted according to the provisions of Article 19(2) with the reasonable limitations of decency, public order or morality, as stated in the defense.
The ongoing method of using pictures of God to stop the public from urinating, spitting or throwing trash is a grave violation of Section 25 of the Constitution of India. Religion is an extremely important element of the social infrastructure in India and the usage of sacred images for PM1Jose’s sake is hurting the feelings of the people all over the world and could result in a negative effect on the entire society and the appeal read.