Depression Treatment that is Affordable and Not Dependent on Drugs

There were only four options for people with depression up until recently. These were:

1. Do nothing and suffer. It will get better over time. This is the worst choice for many and doesn’t work. They often get worse.

2. You can give them one of the many drugs that are advertised, then you can add other drugs to try and solve their side effects. This is called the “side effect chain” of drug drugs. My ex-wife tried six different drugs and got worse rather than better. This is not a common result.

3. EEG Biofeedback (Neurofeedback), training can cost you a lot of money. This is the best option so far. With both good and poor clinicians, the overall success rate is about 85%. However, most families with low and mid incomes cannot afford 60 half-hour sessions with a professional for $4500 to $10,000.

4. You can visit various allergy clinics to determine the cause of your allergy/sensitivity. Also, you can take all the tests necessary to confirm that mineral toxicity has been determined (mercury/copper, arsenic/cadmium, etc.). The best system, End Point Titration, can cost upwards of $10,000. (For more info on EPT, see

There’s another option. A new way to change brain wave amplitude (up/down) was invented by me. It is comparable to EEGBF but affordable enough to offer low-income families an alternative to dangerous and expensive drugs. It is audio messaging that is used mostly in sleep. This technique does not change behavior, but it works the same way as EEG biofeedback (Neurofeedback), i.e. It raises the SMR brainwave (12-14 cycles per second–Hz) while simultaneously lowering the Theta Brain wave (4-8Hz).

EEG BF is the best brain training method that solves this specific brain problem. It can also be used to treat ADHD, IBS, epilepsy, ADHD, IBS, IBS, epilepsy, as well as many other cases of schizophrenia. EEG BF has been shown to be effective. A summary of professional papers is available at:

As an Orthomolecular Psychologist, I used auditory messaging with great success. In 2004, I realized it was possible to use the same technique that was used by expensive EEG BF units and computers. Why not bypass the conscious mind of the trainee to reach the unconscious?

After three clinical trials and extensive testing with volunteers who had paid for the right, I have proven the following:

1. The Bate Auditory Brainwave Training is patent pending. It is very similar to EEGBF. It accomplishes the same “basic” brain training with these minor differences:

A. This compares to a one-night sleep that is almost equal to a half-hour session. The improvement in ADHD symptoms was almost the same as that seen in 60 sessions at a clinic. It takes time for either method to work – there is no magic bullet, despite what drug companies claim in their advertisements.

b. This training has a greater chance of the Hawthorne Effect than EEG BF training. This Effect is more detailed than EEG BF training..

This possible side effect was mentioned in advance and warned about in the previous test. It did not deter any volunteers as it had in earlier testing. This is not a dangerous side effect, as with all drugs. Some people may experience minor discomfort for a short time.

c. Motivation is not as important in EEG BF. Both parents

Both the child and the trainer must be motivated to continue training for long hours. If training stops before the end point, then some or all of the gains are lost.

2. The system is less than $200 and requires a one-time fee. You can use it for as long or as you need. It can take 200 EEG BF sessions for Autistic children. There are two main CD’s in the system. The first CD is the Audio Training program. It can be played on any CD player or boombox. The second CD contains several programs that can be used as an adjunct to the training. The CD includes an allergy/sensitivity test and a bottle of amino acids that can calm the mind. There are also articles about alternative health treatments that have been proven to help with all kinds of brain problems.

3. You also get a full year of money-back guarantee. A person who has tried this product for at least 60 consecutive days and is not satisfied will be eligible to receive a full refund, shipping included.

Even low- and middle-income families now have the option to choose whether they want to use dangerous drugs or not.