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Dhoni has not yet committed to playing IPL next year

DUBAI, OCT 16, 2016 – Chennai Super Kings skipper MS Dhoni decided not to play another season in the Indian Premier League for Tamil Nadu. However, he stated that he wasn’t done with the richest T20 tournament in the world.

Dhoni stated that he will continue to play, but it all depends on what the BCCI decides about player retention for the two additional teams joining the league next season. However, the 40-year old said that he hasn’t left any legacy.

“But I haven’t left behind ….”,” he said as he signed off at the prize distribution ceremony, after CSK defeated Kolkata Knight Riders by 27 runs in order to win their fourth IPL title.

“It depends on BCCI, I repeat it again. Two new teams are coming in. CSK needs to be able to make the right decisions. It’s not about being in the top-three or fourth. It’s about creating a strong core group to ensure that the franchise does not suffer. We have to look at the core group to determine who can help us in the next 10 years,” Dhoni said on Friday.

CSK had a large target to defend and they did so successfully. They kept their nerves together even though the Kolkata Knight Riders openers Shubman Gil and VenkateshIyer were out. KKR got off to a good start with 91 runs for their first wicket. CSK players were calm and carried out their duties as if nothing had happened.

Dhoni stated that they don’t plan or strategise before the game, and that the net sessions are more one-on-one.

“We don’t have a lot of meetings, so there are no chats. Our practice sessions are more one-on-1. You feel different pressure when you enter a team room. Dhoni stated that our practice sessions had been successful. He also said that chat sessions shouldn’t last longer than 29 minutes because that’s what a normal person’s attention span is.

Dhoni spoke out about his team’s performance and said that they shuffled the players after the first period, which paid off. “Coming to CSK we shuffled people. Match winners came game after match and did really well. Each final is unique. If you look at statistics, you may find that we are the most consistent team to lose finals. Dhoni said, “I feel it’s important that we come back strong in the knockouts.”

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