Dilip Doshi says that Indian players didn’t wear masks to the book launch

The Indian cricket team was at the book launch of Ravi Shastri, the head coach. This is still a hot topic in India and England. Shastri is still being blamed by the English media for the events that led to the cancellation of fifth Test.

Now, just days after the BCCI said that the Indian team did not have permission to attend the event for them, Dilip Doshi, a former cricketer, has revealed another shocking fact, stating that players weren’t even wearing masks.

Former Indian cricketer said that most people didn’t stay more than five to ten seconds after seeing so many people.

“I was there at the book launch. The Taj group actually invited me. India Ahead quoted Dilip Doshi as saying, “There were many dignitaries and Team India players present, but it was only a brief while. I was shocked to find that none of them were wearing masks.”

The Virat Kohli-led team was poised to make history in the fifth and final Manchester test after defeating England at The Oval, London. After their RTPCR confirmation of the infection at The Oval Test, Shastri and R Sridhar, bowling coach Bharat Anu, fielding coach R Sridhar, and Nitin Patel, physiotherapist, confirmed that Covid-19 was positive.

Although Shastri was harshly criticized afterward, the coach denied that Shastri’s book launch was responsible for his Covid infection. He claimed that the UK was open to all.

Dilip Doshi responded, “Whether society must wear a mask, or whether it is compulsory or not, is determined by the politicians. Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of England, decided England was safe because it had a double-vaccinated program. Many people have been vaccinated in England so immunity is high.

There are two possible ways to look at it. This is one aspect of life. However, as a tour team, I expect that when the Indian team or Indian squad go on a mission, I will wear a mask. Not because I don’t trust others, but to prevent myself from being infected. He also suggested that the IPL, the lucrative Indian Premier League (IPL), could be the reason the Old Trafford match was called off.

“Earlier today, I was talking to Michael Holding, a close friend. He mentioned that the Indian Cricket board didn’t want the last Test. Their original suggestion was to end the tour after the Oval Test. This would leave enough time for IPL and the last Test in England. The quarantine period between the Oval Test and the final Test meant that there was a 15-day gap. However, I think the ECB didn’t want this and may have preferred the fifth Test.

“Now, with the passing of the last Test I can see that there were two things at risk if the IPL was to be cancelled for any reason similar to this one that you are referring too. I read in print that it could cost them a very, very large sum. Let’s now accept that cricket is governed by corporate rules. The majority of the money/funds that everyone is enjoying, whether it’s the ECB, Australian cricket board, or anyone else in the world, comes from India. India is a major powerhouse in cricket at the moment. We are proud of this but it also means that we have to be very dignified about how we conduct ourselves. He said, “That I believe is very important.”