Director of ‘Brahmam: The real challenge was getting the nuances right

Ravi K. Chandran, a filmmaker, says that one of the most difficult things he faced for his film “Brahmam” was to get the nuances right and impress the movie-goers.

Chandran said: “The real challenge was impressing the Malayalam media, movie watchers and especially the hardcore fans who loved the original.” It was a remake, and it was also a film that was very well made. There were always going to have been comparisons. He said, “The people who haven’t seen the original movie are full praises and that makes you happy.” What makes me happy is the fact that people who have seen the original film enjoy the subtle changes and appreciate our adaptation. This movie is the Malayalam remake Hindi film “Andhadhun”. The movie focuses on the dualities and blindness of a pianist, played by Prithviraj Sukmaran.

He said: “Real challenge was getting the nuances right and to present it in such a manner that the Malayalam audience with their sensibilities would understand it. It’s obvious with the praises that we are receiving that we did our job well and that is very satisfying.” Sarat deserves a lot of credit for the dialogues and writing. The movie is full of great humor. Unni Moundan, Sudheer Karmana, Mamtha Mhandas, and Raashi are also featured in ‘Bhramam. It was released on Amazon Prime Video on October 7.