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DNA With Sudhir Chaudhary: New scam of giving government approval to drugs!

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DNA With Sudhir Chaudhary: Imagine you have taken any medicine for a serious disease like diabetes and it is not affecting you. Because that medicine is adulterated.

DNA With Sudhir Chaudhary: Now we will tell you about a new scam of giving government approval to drugs, in which the CBI has arrested some officials of a Drug Authority of the Government of India. These officers used to get drugs approved by taking bribe. Employees of the famous Pharma Company Biocon have also been arrested in this scam. Seeing the advertisements of all the big pharma companies, you buy their medicines with great confidence. But this scam shows that even sub-standard medicines can be approved to be sold in the market by paying bribe. The most important thing is that this medicine was for diabetes. Now imagine that you have taken any medicine for a serious disease like diabetes and it is not affecting you. Because that medicine is adulterated. Till now you must have used many such medicines and health products unknowingly.

The matter is related to these companies
The name of the company with which this whole matter is related is… Biocon Biologics Limited and the founder of this company is Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, who is one of the first women industrialists of India. This company manufactures medicines and at present medicines are exported by this company to 120 countries of the world. Recently, the CBI has appointed the Associate Vice President of this company, whose name is L. Praveen Kumar, he is arrested. Apart from this, the CBI has arrested four more people, out of which two officers are posted in the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization ie CDSCO. The data related to the new medicines that are made in India is examined by this government agency.

9 lakh bribe, playing with people’s lives
Apart from this, one woman who has been arrested in this case is the director of a research company and the name of this company is Bio-innovat. Now all these people are accused that they violated the government guidelines and laws to get a drug approved for emergency use and during this a bribe of Rs 9 lakh was also given to the government officials. All these people were connected to each other in this entire business model. According to the FIR registered in this case, this company named Biocon wanted to launch one of its medicines in the market. The name of this medicine is Insulin Aspart. People who have diabetes disease, this medicine is for those people.

More than 70 million patients of diabetes in India
At present, India has the highest number of 770 million patients of diabetes after China. That is, one out of every 6 patients of diabetes in the world is from India. And from this you can understand how serious this news is. This company did the first, second and third phase trials of this drug not in India but in America and Germany. It is written in the FIR that on the basis of this, this company wanted that it should be exempted from the third phase trial in India and this drug should be approved in the category of emergency use, so that this company can sell this medicine in the market.

Got permission to sell in the market like this
For this, this company contacted another company named Bio-innovat, with the help of which bribe of 9 lakh rupees was offered to the government officials of Drug Authority. When a key officer of this authority, namely, S. Easwara Reddy, he agreed for this, so this drug of this company was approved for emergency use without showing the results of the trial and without any concrete basis.

officer arrested red handed
That is, the drug which did not even have a third phase trial in India, the company approved that drug by paying a bribe of only 9 lakh rupees. Think how dangerous this is. However, taking immediate action in this matter, the CBI took government officer S. Easwara Reddy was arrested red handed while taking Rs 4 lakh as bribe. Due to which this entire network was exposed.

The matter of approval was already decided
However, this is not the only thing here. Many such things have happened in this case, due to which serious questions are now being raised about the approval of drugs. For example, it is alleged that when the Subject Expert Committee meeting of this government agency was held on May 18, it was already fixed that the drug of this company would be approved for use. In the document of the meeting, it is written in front of the fourth point that the Subject Expert Committee has decided that it exempts the Biocon company from the third phase trial of its drug and after this decision, this company will also sell this medicine in the Indian markets. And can export it to other countries as well. Apart from this, it is also written in it that this company will have to tell how it will conduct the fourth phase trial. For this the word Submit The Protocol has been used. Whereas instead of Protocol, the word Data should have been here. We are not saying this from our side. This thing is registered in the FIR.

Such is the game of words
That is, if the data was written here, then this company would have to tell how many people it used this medicine on. What were the results of the trial? How effective did this drug prove to be in the trial? But instead the word Protocol was used, which means when and where the trial will be done for this drug. All this miracle happened because of bribe of Rs 9 lakh.

America did not approve
The big thing is that, this company says that it had trialed this drug in three phases in America and Germany. And this is true. But it is equally true that the Drug Regulator Agency (FDA) of America had refused to approve this drug. A Complete Response Letter was also issued to this company. This information was given by this company itself on 7 January. However, in this matter, a statement has been issued by this company on June 21, in which three big things have been said. First- This company has denied all allegations of bribery. Second- It is written in this that all the trials related to this medicine were followed completely. Third- This company also says that the exemption given to it from the third phase trial is completely in accordance with Indian laws.

Playing with the image of the Pharma Sector of India
In the year 2021-22, India had exported medicines worth one lakh 83 thousand crores to other countries. Today India has the third largest Pharma Industry in the world, which is worth Rs 3 lakh 27 thousand crores. It is estimated that by 2030 it will be around Rs 9 and a half lakh crore. At present, there are more than three thousand Pharma companies in India and today 60 percent of the world’s Vaccines are manufactured and 40 percent of Generic Medicine sold in America is exported from India. That is, today India has a huge power in the form of Pharma Industry. The world trusts this power of India. But such incidents reduce the trust built on the Pharma Sector of India. The business of medicines is run on trust. People buy expensive cars of Germany because they trust these vehicles and the companies that make them. And in the same way, the world buys medicines from India because India has done amazing work in this field and has established a trust. But think, if this trust is not there then how will India be able to maintain this power of Pharma Industry?

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