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DNA With Sudhir Chaudhary: Who Will Win Maharashtra’s Dangal, Shiv Sena Vs Shindesena?

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DNA With Sudhir Chaudhary: Sanjay Rawat’s statement has worried NCP and Congress, because Shiv Sena is now clearly saying that it is ready to break its ties with NCP and Congress to save the party.

DNA With Sudhir Chaudhary: Now we will show you the next chapter of the film of politics being made in Mumbai, where BJP has come out in the open to form a new government. BJP has offered MLAs supporting Eknath Shinde five ministerial posts in the state government and two ministerial posts in the central government by including them in the NDA. On the other hand Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut has played a new gamble by saying that if all the rebel MLAs return to Shiv Sena, Shiv Sena can break its alliance with NCP and Congress. Sanjay Rawat’s statement has put NCP and Congress in worry, because Shiv Sena is now clearly saying that it is ready to break its ties with NCP and Congress to save the party.

Ajit Pawar was also surprised
NCP leader Ajit Pawar has also expressed surprise on this statement of Sanjay Raut and said that he will talk to Uddhav Thackeray on this issue. Apart from this, some time ago, Sharad Pawar has also said in a press conference that he will also talk to Uddhav Thackeray on this.

Accused of holding MLAs hostage
Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut and MLA Nitin Deshmukh today accused Eknath Shinde of forcibly keeping party MLAs hostage in Guwahati. He also said that 21 MLAs of Eknath Shinde’s faction are in touch with him and they want to return to Shiv Sena. Nitin Deshmukh is the same leader who had suddenly come to Mumbai from Surat a day earlier and had alleged that Eknath Shinde pressured him to oppose Uddhav Thackeray and when he was not ready for it, called him a heart attack. Kar was admitted to a hospital in Surat. After which he somehow returned to Mumbai from Surat.

pictures say something else
That is, Sanjay Raut claims that the MLAs who are currently staying at the Guwahati hotel with Eknath Shinde have been intimidated. But we want to show you some pictures from Guwahati, in which you can see the rebel Shiv Sena MLAs touching the feet of Eknath Shinde. Now think, by looking at these pictures, do you feel from anywhere that these MLAs have been intimidated, threatened? Eknath Shinde has released some more pictures inside the hotel, in which a total of 42 MLAs are seen with him. However, Eknath Shinde has claimed that at present there are 48 MLAs with him in Guwahati. Out of which 41 MLAs are from Shiv Sena and 7 MLAs are independent. Shiv Sena has a total of 55 MLAs. And if Eknath Shinde is right, then Uddhav Thackeray now has only 14 MLAs out of 55 left.

MLAs expressed displeasure with Uddhav
These MLAs have written a letter expressing their displeasure towards Uddhav Thackeray and said that they do not accept Shiv Sena to run the government in alliance with Congress and NCP. Now he will not return, but will give full strength to Eknath Shinde. But both the Congress and NCP parties are in constant touch with Uddhav Thackeray. And Sharad Pawar is holding meetings one after the other to save the government. Some time ago, Sharad Pawar has talked to all the big leaders and MLAs of NCP.

TMC workers unaware of flood affected
On the other hand, TMC workers also protested at the Guwahati hotel where the rebel MLAs of Shiv Sena are staying. Accused these rebel MLAs of working under the pressure of BJP. Imagine what these TMC workers should have done in Guwahati. They should have helped the flood affected people in Assam. And even if he had to make some demand, then that demand should have been that the Assam government should help the flood-affected areas as soon as possible. But they too gathered in Guwahati to protest the rebellion instead of the flood. With this you will come to know today that along with the media of our country, the political parties of our country are completely directionless. However, Mamta Banerjee has described the political developments in Maharashtra as dangerous for the federal structure of the country.

Another charge fell on Shiv Sena
Another big news from Maharashtra is that another Shiv Sena leader, whose name is Ravindra Phatak, has also left for Guwahati from Mumbai and has given his support to Eknath Shinde. This is also interesting because on June 21, two of his leaders sent by Uddhav Thackeray to Surat to persuade Eknath Shinde, included the name of Ravindra Phatak. That is, Ravindra went to Eknath Shinde to celebrate the gate. But Eknath Shinde included him in his faction and now he will also support Eknath Shinde against Uddhav Thackeray in Guwahati.

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