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Eden will be full The love song of ‘Varayani’ has been released by Satyam Cinemas. Premachandran produced ‘Varayan’ and Jijo Joseph directed it.

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An investigation is underway into a defamation lawsuit between Hollywood stars Johnny Depp, Amber Head and others. As the trial progresses, the audiotape of Head and Depp’s conversation goes viral.

You can hear Depp’s head plead not to hurt himself in the audio. Head counters that he cannot guarantee that.

If we are physically abused, then we must separate. Whether it’s an hour, 10 hours, or a day, we have to stay away from each other. You must have done this. Depp states that there should not be any physical violence.

Head said that I cannot promise you this. Sometimes I go crazy, ”says Head.

Head has made many serious allegations against Depp. Head alleges Depp sexually assaulted Head and beat him using a broken bottle. Head was overcome with emotion when he testified in court.

Depp would continually harass me. Illegal relationships have also been alleged against Depp. His clothes are ratty. Head claimed that he was kicked in the abdomen and face.

At Depp’s trial, he said he had never physically abused Head. Depp was portrayed by the media as beating his wife. I’m the only one who can speak for me. I’m here for my family. “I’m never beaten a woman in my life, not even Haydn,” Depp said. Head was subject to serious accusations. Head was alleged to have been harmed by Depp and that he had accepted torture. Depp also provided an audio recording of the incident. Depp also claimed Head had defecated at his bed in resentment.

Depp and Herd were wed in 2015. Heard claimed that her marital life was a nightmare and that she was subject to extreme physical and mental abuse. Head previously revealed that Depp’s life was a hellish experience and that he suffered terrible every day. Head claims that Depp is addicted alcohol and drugs. Head calls Depp a monster. Head claims that Depp is a monster. Depp said in an interview that he was “thankful” for being portrayed as a torturer.

Head published an article in The Washington Post about domestic violence. This was the beginning of the problems. Major production companies, including Disney, later pulled Depp out of the film industry. Depp Head was then sued for $ 50 million. But lawyers say Head’s article was not about Depp. The court did not take this as a fact. The legal battle between them escalated. The day before, Depp demanded that Depp’s defamation suit against him be dropped. It was rejected by the court.

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