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Episode 12 of Thriving South Korean Show one The Woman Release Date

Entertainment lovers, it’s another popular South Korean show called One The Woman. Its captivating plot is captivating viewers. With the new episode, it’s creating buzz once again. The show’s fans are eagerly awaiting the next episode. Honey Lee, the lead actress, has won hearts with her incredible performance. This is the premiere season of One The Woman, which airs every Friday and Saturday at 10 p.m. KST on SBS TV. It will be available until September 17, 2021. Find all information about One The Woman Episode 12.



According to latest reports, the episode is set to be released on Sunday, October 23rd at 10:00 PM Korean Standard Time. Although not much information is available about the episode, the latest episode did not reveal much about Kang Mi Na. The show’s viewers are curious about her past. The plot has been tightened by the recent episode. Many fans want to know Yeon Joo’s true identity.



One The Woman Episode 12 Release Date

Yeon Joo works alongside Seung Wook, Sung Woon and their uncle’s gang. Sung Woon knows about Yeon’s truth, but still helps Yeon when he falls for her. In the previous episode, it was revealed that Yeon Joo is Seung Wok’s first love. Sung Hye, on the other hand is done with his plan of revealing Yeon’s true identity. Ryu also wants Yeon, after Yeon started acting strangely with him. They expect to see love between Seung Wook Joo and Yeon Joo among all of these fans.

In the final episode, Yeon Joo will likely reveal her identity and admit that she is the girl Wook first met 15 years ago in the hospital. She also reveals that they fall in love in their present selves and promise to continue living together. The romantic drama was also created by Studio SBS, and written by Kim Yoon. Choi Hyeong Hu directs the show. The show stars Honey Lee and Jin Seo-Yeon in the leading roles. The new episode of One the Woman Episode 12 is available on SBS Network. Keep watching Social Telecast to learn more about One The Woman Episode 12

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