Euphoria reveal first look of new album ‘Sale’

Euphoria, a rock band, has released the first look for their forthcoming album “Sale” on Thursday.

The announcement was made via social media. The first look at SALE! “The first look of SALE!! Get ready to meet Bhasad on the 14.09.21! Let me know where you find love! The band posted the announcement on Instagram and Twitter.

The band revealed that ‘Sale” will be released on September 14.

Euphoria have been active on social media posting announcements about the upcoming album, ‘Sale’. According to one of his social media posts, Palash Sen, the lead singer of the band, will likely be dancing on the new album.

After ‘Sharnaagat,’ ‘Sale” will be Euphoria’s eighth album.

Palash Sen, an Indian pop-rock musician, founded the band in Delhi in 1988. Palash was at that time a student at the University College of Medical Sciences in Delhi. He decided to call the band ‘Euphoria,’ which is a term used in psychotherapy to describe the feeling one has when in a state of mania.

Euphoria’s 1998 debut album, titled “Dhoom”, was released. It received critical acclaim as well as commercial success. Their first singles, ‘Dhoom Piichuk Dhoom’ & ‘Maeri’ were the most popular in that decade.

Euphoria were the pioneers in Hindi rock music with albums such as ‘Phir Dhoom, Gully’ and ’Mehfuz’.