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Every country had to rethink their strategies due to the Afghan situation: Rajnath

According to Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, the current situation in Afghanistan has forced everyone to rethink their strategy.

Afghanistan is now in a humanitarian crisis after the Taliban, a fundamentalist Islamist group, took over Kabul on Aug 15. Pakistan is believed to have played a significant role in the return of Taliban to power.

Rajnath Singh addressed the Defence Service Staff College and stated that “With the shift in the global order, national security paradigm, not only have we made immediate changes in our policies, but also decided on our future reforms.” Every country must rethink its strategy when considering the current situation in Afghanistan. He said that Quad was created keeping in mind these circumstances. Quad, also known as the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue brings together the US and Australia with India and Japan.

He cited the threats from China, Pakistan and said that India faces challenges in its legacy since independence.

He said, “The foreign adversaries have tried to destabilise Pakistan since Independence. Looking back at our 75-year history, it appears that we face challenges in the legacy. One of our neighboring countries started a proxy war and made terrorists an integral part state policy. This country provided arms, money, and training to terrorists who wanted to attack India. He said about China that there was an attempt to unilaterally change the status quo in the northern sector. However, India responded differently and confronted the enemy with new dynamism.

“Even though there are many challenges at our borders, the common man still has faith that the government will not compromise on national security issues. They know that India will fight terror activities on its soil and, if necessary, it can also cross the border,” he stated.

Rajnath Singh stated that there are many changes in the world and it is necessary to make futuristic reforms. He said that the goal was to improve the Army’s teeth-to-tail ratio, decentralize decision-making, and create a future-oriented force.

He spoke out about Integrated Battle Groups, saying that his ministry is considering it. As you all know, wartime is a time when quick decision-making can be crucial. The formation of more self-reliant, lethal and brigade-sized fighters would be better. He also praised the ‘Tour of Duty” proposal and called it a game-changing change. “With this, we could reduce the average age and make our troops more mobile. The Defence Minister stated that discussions regarding the implementation of theatre commands have been moving quickly.

General Bipin Rawat, Chief of Defence Staff at the Department of Military Affairs, is working towards creating Joint Military Commands to improve synergy as well as the utilisation of resources.

Minister also spoke out about increasing the role of women in the defense forces. He said, “History tells me that our women soldiers have always played a significant role when faced with any challenge.”

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