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Experts warn that Taliban are threatening to exterminate women and girls from society

As they examine the restrictive policies of Taliban who took over Afghanistan in August, the Security Council heard that girls and women in Afghanistan are being stripped of their most fundamental human rights.
“Women are collectively being written out of society in a way that is unique in the world,” said Ramiz Alakbarov, Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General, and officer-in-charge for the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), briefing the Council via video-teleconference.
The Taliban — de facto authorities — have been restricting the exercise basic human rights such as freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom to express opinions and feelings, and have also attempted to quell dissent in the country.
He stressed that these restrictions are intended to limit the rights and freedoms for Afghan girls and women, and they will be limiting their participation in economic, political, and social life. UNAMA will be an active voice in protecting the rights of the Afghan people, especially the rights of women and girls.
Yalda Haim, an international correspondent and news presenter at BBC News, stated that she was speaking to Council as someone who has been covering Afghanistan for the past fifteen years as well as as “a daughter from Afghanistan” with a close personal relationship with the nation.

Today marks 279 Days since the Taliban banned teenage girls school. She pointed out that Afghanistan is now the only country where girls cannot get an education and are locked out of their classrooms because of gender. She stressed that education is not a privilege but a fundamental human right.
Yalda Rohian, consultant for VOICE Amplified, stated that more than 30 policies have been announced by the Taliban to eliminate women from all parts of society and impose them through violence. The Taliban tortured and murdered a Mazar-e-Sharif Midwife, amputating her legs and stabbing her with a knife and shooting her 12 more times, just because she was a Hazara woman.
She said that Tajiks from Panjshir and Takhar Provinces are arbitrarily detained, killed, tortured, and forcibly relocated. She recalled the arrest on 10 June of Zamanuddin (a Tajik student from Panjshir), who was shot and had his ear removed. He was being thrown off a mountain because he did not know the location of the National Resistance Front bases.
Also briefing the Council, via video teleconference, was Martin Griffiths, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, who said dramatic shifts in Afghanistan’s political and economic landscape last August have brought unrelenting human suffering.
An incredible 25 million Afghans are living in poverty, more than twice the number of people who lived in 2011 He stated that the average Afghan household now spends more than three quarters of its income on food, which is nearly twice the number in 2011.
More than 190 partner organizations currently provide aid to millions of people each day. The scale-up has reached 20,000,000 people in all 401 district by 2022, he stated. But, his office doesn’t have enough funding. According to him, only one-third the resources required for the 2022 humanitarian response plan has been received. He called for more funding.
During the discussion that followed, delegate expressed their condolences for the victims of yesterday’s earthquake in Afghanistan. It is believed to have killed around 800 people. A number of members supported the calls for more global support for 2022 Afghanistan Humanitarian Response Plan. The group also discussed, among other things, the situation of women, girls and the political environment in Afghanistan and the threat posed to them by terrorism.


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