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Keep this feng shui cow in the house for wish fulfillment, miracles will be seen by itself

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Cow Statue For Home: Like Indian Vastu Shastra, many such things have been mentioned in Chinese Vastu Shastra, which work for positive energy in the house. Today we will know about the benefits of Feng Shui Cow.

Feng Shui Cow Benefits: Chinese Vastu Shastra Feng Shui also provides positivity by removing negative energy from the house. Many such things have been told in Feng Shui, which are beneficial if kept in the right direction at home or office. Similarly, Feng Shui Cow is also very much liked by the people these days. Feng Shui Cow is kept at home or office for wish fulfillment and mental peace. It comes in many currencies. And every mudra cow has different benefits and benefits. Let us know that according to Feng Shui, which posture of the cow gives what results.

cow sitting on coins

Along with Feng Shui, Vastu has also given special importance to the cow sitting on the coins. It is believed that keeping it in the house removes bad luck and brings good luck. At the same time, keeping it in the office or office gives progress to the person. The right direction to install it is South-East. Keeping it in the right direction gives fruit.

lactating cow

If you are struggling with child related problems, then keeping a show piece of a cow lactating a calf in the bedroom is beneficial. Also, if such a show piece is kept in the house, then the family gets healthy and intelligent children. It should be kept in such a place in the bedroom, where everyone can see. Only then does it benefit.

for peace of mind

Due to repeated failure, a person becomes frustrated and his morale breaks down. In such a situation, many people come under stress. For peace of mind Kamdhenu cow of Feng Shui is kept in the house. This strengthens the decision making ability of the person. Along with this, one also gets the strength to stand firm in adverse situations.

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