Five Things to Remember When Wearing Contact Lenses

These specs are totally out of fashion. Contact lenses are the latest fashion trend in eye care. Contact lenses have made your life easier and made you look amazing. Contact lenses can be costly. These are some things to remember if you use contact lenses.


Contacts worn for too long can cause vision problems. This can cause permanent scarring or even complete loss of vision.

Sleeping Time

You should not sleep with your contacts in. The corneas are depleted of oxygen over extended wear, which can cause irritation, discomfort, or even serious infections. It is quite common for users to have blurry vision and dry eyes if they sleep with their lenses in.

Tap Water

Your eye doctor will recommend the best solution to clean your contacts. Always keep contact-friendly drops and a small travel-sized solution for your contacts with you.

All Water Activities

You should not expose your eyes to water from any source, whether it is the hot tub, the pool or the shower.

Unsane Hands

Many contact lens wearers forget to clean their hands after handling the lenses. It is important to wash your hands after touching contact lenses.