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Raw Vegetables: Do not eat these vegetables raw even after forgetting, there can be serious harm

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Health Tips: Eating some vegetables raw can cause serious harm to you. Steam or boil these vegetables before eating them.

Raw Vegetables: Many raw vegetables are eaten as a salad. Vegetable salads like cucumber, tomato, cabbage are rich in nutrients, but there are some vegetables that should not be eaten raw even after forgetting. This can cause serious damages. Due to the rawness of vegetables, the full benefits of vitamins and minerals present in it are not available. Always eat these vegetables by boiling, steaming or roasting. This can harm you.


If you eat raw brinjal then it can affect your digestive system. Eating brinjal raw can cause vomiting and stomach cramps. The solanine found in brinjal can cause symptoms of neurological and gastrointestinal problems. Whenever you eat brinjal, cook it well.


Spinach contains folate. Never eat it raw, always eat it by steaming, boiling or cooking it well. This helps in balancing the level of folate.


Always cook and eat mushrooms. You will get all its nutrients only by cooking it and eating it. Eat mushrooms by grilling or boiling them. Grilling increases the amount of potassium in mushrooms.


Raw potatoes contain a toxin called solanine. Eating raw can cause gas, vomiting and digestive problems. Eat potatoes boiled or fried.

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