For all cricket fans, it was a terrible disappointment

Mark Butcher, a former England cricketer, has described the cancellation of Test 5 between India and England as incredibly disappointing for cricket fans.

Due to concerns about an increase in COVID-19 cases within the Indian camp, the fifth Test between England & India was cancelled. It was scheduled to begin at the Old Trafford Cricket Ground on Friday.

“Tremendously disappointing to all cricket fans. It was an amazing series. India is a great team. In their home environment, they have given England a run for its money. Everyone was curious to see how this one would pan out,” Butcher told Sky Sports.

He wondered if the second Ieg in IPL 2021 could play a part. There are other factors that I think about. The IPL will resume in the UAE on September 19th. Any further delay to the Test match would force the Indian and English players involved in it beyond its start.

“Also if any Indian players sort of then test positive in between, don’t forget Ravi Shastri, the Indian coach, and some of their backroom staff who were positive during The Oval Match match. The team physio seems to have gone down over the last few days. They would then need to quarantine in the UK for another 10 days before they can leave. There are many factors at play. Butcher stated, “It is a terrible thing that this series is not going to play out as it was intended.”

The 49-year old had some sympathy for the Indian touring party who have been visiting England since June. “There is a bit of sympathy in my heart for the Indian players. Most of them have been on the road since the Australia series began over Christmas and New Years. They were indeed at home in February to face England, but they were still in very tight bubbles. They’ve been in the UK since June-July, when they were playing in the World Test Championship final against New Zealand.

“I can only imagine that some of those players who are locked in their rooms have been through a lot and are just desperate to get out. This does not diminish the disappointment felt by the fans or the cost of putting on these Test matches. It’s a shameful, terrible thing,” said Butcher.