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Ford India workers continue to protest outside and inside the factory

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Ford India Private Ltd had around 2000 workers protest outside and inside the factory. They were demanding better final compensation since the company decided to close the plant in the next month.

A source informed IANS that the workers who arrived at the factory on Monday morning didn’t come out, while the workers who were there for the second shift are still outside the factory doors.” IANS reported Tuesday that this was the case.

According to him, a state Labour Department official had visited the factory.

“This will be the last job for most workers. If we are too old, we might be forced to work as contract labor. “Office staff can find jobs elsewhere or in Ford’s other business ventures,” he stated.

He said that Ford India is not willing to pay a generous severance package to other major players, as this could be the benchmark rate for others.

“For Ford India’s parent Ford Motor Company the workers will receive a small amount due the dollar-rupee change value,” he said.

He said that food was being provided by the canteen and that care is being taken for workers not affiliated with the union.

IANS was informed by a worker union official that the Maraimalainagar plant’s production is only scheduled for ten days.

The plant currently produces EcoSport for export.

The official stated that management was sticking with its stance on the severance pay package and was not ready to change.

Ford India announced that in September 2021 it would end vehicle assembly at Gujarat’s Sanand by April 2021 and Chennai vehicle and engine manufacturing by March 2022.

Ford India has four plants: Sanand, Chennai and Sanand for vehicle and engine production.

Maraimalainagar workers are also disappointed at being left out. Tata Motors’ subsidiary Tata Passenger Electric Mobility will take over the Gujarat plant of Ford India and its workers.

Chennai employs approximately 2,700 permanent workers (permanent employees) and 600 staff.

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