Four Tips to Get Up Every Morning Without Feeling Tired

When the topic of sleep is brought up, it is often assumed that we should sleep for six to eight hours each night. This is a well-known belief. However, recent research has shown that it is not true. You can also take practical steps to get up in the morning without feeling tired. These include your preparation for a good night’s sleep and your morning routine.

Avoid drinking wine before you go to bed

It is essential that you have a restful and deep night’s sleep. You can fall asleep in as little as four hours. If you want to have a restful night, avoid interruptions.

Toilet before you go to sleep

Many of us spend our time in bed reading, watching TV, or playing video games. Although our bladders can slowly fill up and go unnoticed, this is because the kidneys work continuously throughout the night. This means that you will be more likely to wake up in the early morning to use the toilet again.

Room Goals

Feng Shui may not be something everyone believes in, but it is an ancient Chinese art that has a foundation in Western logic and values. Feng Shui is a system that helps you sleep better and wake up refreshed.


Stress and anxiety are always worse in the morning due to sub-concious thinking patterns and an increase in cortisol levels in our bodies. Even after a good night’s sleep, this can make us feel tired and lethargic. You need to be proactive and plan for the future.