Fox News’ coverage of Afghanistan is a top-rated story

According to Nielsen company figures, Fox News Channel was the most-watched television channel on cable or broadcast last week, thanks to its riveting coverage of the US-led evacuation in Afghanistan.

On average, the channel received just over 3 million viewers. Fox News Channel beat both its cable news competitors and broadcast networks, who usually jockey for top spot.


Popular with conservative-leaning viewers the channel surged after the Taliban’s sudden conquest in Afghanistan this month. This was as the Biden administration directed a chaotic removal of Afghan citizens and Afghans at danger after the almost 20-year-long war’s end.


The channel was last in the top spot on September 2020 when Fox News Sunday’s anchor Chris Wallace moderated a debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden.


MSNBC, which attracts liberal-leaning viewers, had a slight dip in ratings from the previous week. It averaged just under 1.2million viewers compared with 1.29 million. CNN saw an average of 943,00 viewers, up 20.6% from the previous week’s 782,000.


Fox News Channel averaged 2.94 Million viewers. CBS followed with 2.57 millions. NBC had 2.53million, ABC had 2.39million, Fox had 1.38million, Univision had 1.28million, Telemundo had 1.04million, Ion Television had 1.12million, and Telemundo had 1.04million.


TLC, with 1.04 million viewers, and HGTV (1.11 million) were also among the top cable producers.


ABC”s “World News Tonight”, which averaged 8 million viewers per week, led the evening news ratings race. NBC’s “Nightly News”, which had 6.5 million viewers, was second. CBS Evening News had 4.8 million.