FRAI supports ‘Halla Bol’ campaign against E-commerce giants

Federation of Retailer Association of India, a representative body of 4 million micro, small, and medium retailers with Retail Associations across the country joining the Federation, announced its support for the ‘Halla Bol national campaign, initiated by small retailers associations and traders from across India.

The campaign will begin on Wednesday 15 September. It will show how e-commerce companies are ruining small traders’ livelihoods in India through unfair trade practices and foreign funds.

A number of small retailers and traders associations from different parts of India have written to PiyushGoyal, Honourable Minister for Commerce and Consumer Affairs of Government of India, requesting/requesting the implementation of ecommerce rules in the wake of the festive season. This will allow large e-commerce companies to operate in a well-structured manner by adhering to the rules, which will also serve the greater interest of consumers in the country.

Ram Asre Mishra is the President of the Federation of Retailers Association of India. He stated, “We would love to extend our full support to [the ‘Halla Bol” campaign designed by our brothers. Large e-commerce firms have been threatening our livelihoods and driving us to poverty. It is now that we must stand together and fight against the trade practices of these e-commerce businesses. We demand that new eCommerce policies are quickly implemented. It can help create a level playing ground for small retailers that are being affected by unfair trade practices by global e-tailers. The government must not allow any person to block this important reform in the retail industry. The best time to implement e-commerce rules is now, before the festive season. India’s unorganized retail sector is the country’s second-largest employment generator and has huge potential. The Covid pandemic, policy loopholes, and unfair business practices by e-commerce companies pose many challenges to the sector, which is posing a challenge for small merchants/retailers. These merchants demand that errant eCommerce firms be punished through a comprehensive policy framework to ensure their survival.

Retailers see high levels of traffic during the festive season and fierce competition. This is the time of year when retailers gear up to try and recover sales lost by taking advantage of the festive season. The festive season is just around the corner and small retailers are stepping up their demands for new e-commerce rules to ensure that small retailers can remain competitive, sustain, and thrive in an ever-changing retail environment.

FRAI includes 34 retail associations from North, South, and East as members. The Federation works to defend the interests of poor retailers in India and raise issues that affect their employment opportunities. It also provides assistance to those who are unable or unwilling to voice their opinions. The Federation also raises issues that impact the unorganized retail sector. It calls attention to Government policies that will promote and protect the sector.