Fuel prices unchanged across metros for 5th straight day

Oil marketing companies (OMC), maintained unchanged petrol and diesel prices on Sunday.

This was the fifth consecutive day without any revisions in retail fuel prices.

In the capital, petrol is still sold at Rs 101.49 per Liter and diesel at Rs 88.92 per Liter.

Prices for petrol in Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata were Rs 107.52, Rs 99.20, and Rs 101.82 per gallon, respectively. Diesel prices in the same cities were unchanged at Rs. 96.48 and Rs. 93.52 per liter.

Global crude oil prices have stabilized after falling for the past week, crossing $72 per barrel. The current price of the October crude oil contract on Intercontinental Exchange stands at $72.70 per bar.

Prices for auto fuel were stable for 35 days before price revisions began.

After fuel prices rose for 41 days during the current financial year, this pause in prices occurred.

These 41 increases have pushed petrol prices up by Rs 11.44 per Liter in Delhi while diesel rates have risen by Rs 8.74 Per Litre in the capital.