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G-23 insists they have said everything. Cong leaders are happy with PK’s plan for a reboot, but G-23 disagrees

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Congress workers remained unsure whether they will join the party after the hyped meeting with Prashant Kishor, a political strategist. Some are too enthusiastic and some suspicious of his sudden enthusiasm for the Congress. This is especially true after the Goa election loss, where the TMC shattered the fortunes of the Congress in the state.

Kishor and Congress leaders met until Friday to discuss the roadmap for 2024 Lok Sabha elections. After he presented a powerpoint presentation with 600 slides to party leaders, including the Chief Ministers, he then gave a presentation of approximately 600 slides. Sonia Gandhi, Congress interim president, submitted its report. Many of the top leaders aren’t opposed to him joining the party.

Supriya Shrinate, spokesperson for Congress, stated that “when any decision will have been taken, it will be communicated.”

Party sources say that the majority of Congress leaders are in agreement with the plan put forward by PK. Some are more skeptical, however. Sonia Gandhi has not yet decided whether PK will be inducted into party leadership or if he’ll be a consultant. However, sources claim that PK is fully on board.

Sources within the party say that PK is not a guarantee of success, even though his success rate has been high. He worked for the Congress and Samajwadi Party, but failed disastrously. He was in Punjab in 2017, but he resigned before the 2022 election. He has had success with the YSRCP, TRS and DMK.

Sources within the dissident group G-23 were not impressed by the claims that the party leadership is neglecting and ignoring talent in-house and relying upon someone who isn’t loyal to the party but is a professional consultant. The group claims that all the lies PK has told Congress leaders have been brought up by them in a letter to Sonia Gandhi as well as in subsequent meetings.

Kishor suggests a non-Gandhi for party president, revival and end of nepotism and turning the party into a political machine. All these issues have been raised and can only happen when the party runs for in-house elections at the grassroot level and up to the Congress Working Committee level.

While Congress leaders may not agree with the suggestions made by someone other than the Gandhi family, sources indicate that Kishor suggested a huge overhaul of the party.

Sonia Gandhi received the report from Congress leaders who were assigned to present the report.

The poll strategist has met with Congress leaders several times to suggest a roadmap for contesting the 2024 elections as well as the six Assembly elections that will follow.

Kishor has presented a detailed plan for the 2024 elections to Sonia Gandhi and other top leaders of the party since Saturday. Gandhi then appointed a small team to investigate the matter and report back to her within one week. Venugopal, Congress General Secretary, Organisation, stated that “a final decision will then be taken.”

Sources say that Kishor said at the meeting that Congress must target 370-404 seats and create alliances wherever there is weakness.

Digvijaya Sinha and Ashok Gehlot are not opposed to Kishor working for their party. Gehlot’s assertion that he has become a household name is indicative of Congress leaders stating that PK would soon join the party.

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