G-Eazy’s eerie promo video for the album release on Sep 24

G-Eazy is back with a new single titled The Announcement’ and a promotional video that reveals the release date of his upcoming album These Things Happen Too’ on September 24.

G-Eazy’s “The Announcement” shows how he is a completely different person from the person he was at his beginnings of his career. He is more successful, confident, and paranoid.

The single cover art suggests that Eazy is watching his old self drown, as he falls to the bottom in a dark abyss. Complex.com reports that the lyrics of the track mirror the cover art, with references to monsters and fighting, as well as making sacrifices in order to get to where he’s at now.

Eazy uploaded a promotional video to his Instagram page with the caption “I know it’s been a long and long time …”” The video shows Eazy walking through dark corridors, possibly hallways in his home, where the only light is from the glows of his platinum plaques. The Announcement ends and Eazy enters the studio. He finishes the video by stating the album’s release date.

G-Eazy teamed up with EST Gee before releasing the single. Walker Flocker directed the disturbing video for ‘At Will’. It is similar to the cover art and promo material for ‘The Announcement.

American rapper Gerald Earl Gillum, also known as G-Eazy. His 2014 album “These Things Happen” was his first major label release. His 2015 album, “When It’s Dark Out”, was his second studio album. The single ‘Me, Myself & Me’ reached the top 10 of the US Billboard Hot 100.

His third album, ‘The Beautiful & Damned,’ was released in 2017. It featured ‘No Limit’ as well as the EP titled ‘B-Sides’ which was released in 2019.