Glenmark receives US Drug regulator’s blessing for its high BP medicine

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals (Glenmark) was granted received the final approbation through the US Food and Drug Administration ( US FDA) for Nicardipine Hydrochloride capsules weighing 20mg and 30mg which is the generic versions of Cardene capsules containing 20 mg or 30 mg from Chiesi the United States. Nicardipine can be used by itself or with other medications for the treatment of severe chest pain or high blood pressure.
Glenmark’s Nicardipine Hydroxychloride capsules with the dosages of 20 and 30 mg are being sold in the US through Glenmark Pharmaceuticals US in accordance with a statement from Glenmark.
Based on IQVIATM sales figures for the 12 months ending October 2022. Cardene capsules with 20 , 30, and 40 mg had annual sales of around $10.9 million.

Glenmark stated that its current portfolio includes 178 products that have been approved to be distributed in the US
marketplace, and 46 abbreviated drug applications (ANDAs)’s waiting for approval by authorities at the US FDA. Alongside these filings internally Glenmark has stated that it continues to seek out outside development partnerships to complement and boost the growth of its pipeline as well as its portfolio.
The company claims to have 10 of the most modern manufacturing facilities that span four continents, and operates in more than 80 countries. Glenmark is listed as one of the most biopharmaceutical firms in the top 100 as per the company announcement.