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People are upset due to not getting beer, the company said – drink and bottle will have to be returned!

Due to heavy pressure on the supply chain, there is a shortage of essential goods in the world markets. The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has also affected the supply chain. The shortage of popcorn in America has also become a problem.

A shortage of everything from popcorn to Sriracha sauce has hit restaurants and grocery businesses around the world. The lack of these things in the current summer season is a clear indication that the supply chain around the world is still under tremendous pressure. In the last few months, many food items have become very expensive. Among these, there was a huge increase in the prices of lettuce in Australia, onions and salami in Japan and beer (BEER) in Germany. The problem is that despite being expensive, they are hardly available.

According to the report, the problem is usually not with the availability of the product, but with the global supply chain. Due to this, the things of need are not reaching the people. Supply chains have been affected due to inclement weather to Covid pandemic, geopolitical tensions and rebounding demand.

beer shortage in germany

The shortage of bottles has added to the difficulties of beer drinkers in Germany and this is due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. Ukraine used to supply glass to Germany. As the New York Times reports, winemakers in the wine-loving country are already paying more for electricity and barley.

Now they are asking their customers to return empty bottles. Due to lack of glass, new bottles are not being produced. Due to this new consignment of beer is not able to reach the market. That’s why the company asked customers to drink beer and return the bottle, so that it could be used again.

Russo-Ukraine war affected

When manufacturers can’t make enough glass bottles and aluminum cans, it’s obvious that businesses like soda and beer will be impacted. Shortage of shipping containers and a tight labor market have added to the problem of the supply chain. The supply of grain and cooking oil has been cut since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Because of this, food items have become more expensive. Apart from this, energy prices have also increased.

Popcorn shortage increased tension

These days there is a huge shortage of Sriracha sauce. Huy Fong Foods Inc., the maker of the iconic sauce, has had to cease production due to a pepper shortage.

The shortage of popcorn in America has also become a matter of concern for moviegoers, as millions of people visit theaters during the summer season. Farmers are abandoning maize cultivation to switch to more lucrative crops.

Lettuce prices have increased in Australia. Due to non-availability of lettuce leaves, KFC has started using cabbage in its burgers. In Britain, McDonald’s is forced to use a single slice in its burger instead of two slices of tomato. The cost of heating the greenhouse with gas has increased. Because of this, the price of tomatoes has increased in Britain.

Onion Shortage in Japan

Potato shortage in the world made headlines after McDonald’s stopped the sale of fries in many countries. There was a shortage of potatoes due to slow supply chain. There was a shortage in Japan from onions to salami. Because of this, restaurants had to remove many discs from their menus.

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