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Google has invested $10 billion to improve cybersecurity in the United States.

Google announced that it will invest $10 billion in cybersecurity over the next five year to strengthen the US.

Through the Google Career Certificate program, the company also promised to train 100,000 Americans in IT support and data analysis, as well as other in-demand skills such data privacy and security.

Cyber attacks are increasingly threatening valuable data and critical infrastructure. We welcome more cybersecurity measures, but governments and companies face key challenges,” Kent Walker, SVP Global Affairs at Google, said.

First, organizations continue to rely on outdated software and infrastructure, rather than adopting modern IT security and IT practices. He explained that too many governments still depend on legacy vendor contracts, which limit competition and choice and inflate prices, create privacy and security risk, and are limiting the ability to choose from a wider range of vendors.”

Second, cybercriminals, nation-state actors and other malicious actors continue their attacks on weaknesses in software supply chain systems. Many vendors lack the expertise or tools to stop them.

Walker observed that third-world countries don’t have enough trained people to deal with these threats.

On Wednesday, tech giants such as Apple, Google and Microsoft promised to assist President Joe Biden in improving cybersecurity infrastructure after a series of high-profile hacking incidents against government agencies.

Microsoft stated that it will invest $20 billion over the next five-years, while Amazon said that it would offer multi-factor authentication devices to all Amazon Web Services account holders free of charge.

Walker stated that Google has made security a cornerstone of its product strategy for over two decades.

He noted that he had published more than 160 research papers on computer security, privacy and abuse prevention and warned other software companies about weaknesses in their systems.

Biden met with cybersecurity experts after several cyber-attacks, including the Solarwinds hack and Kaseya ransomware attacks.

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