Google TV may soon offer free TV channels

Google TV, the smart TV platform of the search engine giant could soon be able to support free TV channels.

Protocol reports that Google is in discussions with streaming TV providers offering free or ad-supported services about adding these channels to its smart television platform. It will be similar to traditional TV, but with commercial breaks.

Gizmo China reports that it is possible for the free streaming channels to be launched on Google TV within the next few weeks or months. However, the company might wait to announce the initiative with Smart TV partners in the early part of next year.

The usage will be a separate menu that allows users to navigate through channels.

The streaming channels will be displayed alongside the over-the-air programming available via an antenna on smart TVs.

Google was the first to venture into free TV streaming when it launched the Android TV platform in 2014.

Google TV, which is powered by the Android operating system, is based upon Google TV.