Google will release Android 12 stable version upgrade on October 4

Google, a US-based search engine giant, is expected to launch the stable version Android 12 operating system on the Pixel smartphones in October.

According to documents, Google will release the source code for Android 12 in October 4. According to XDA-Developers, this source code will be posted on the Android Open-Source Project Gerrit and will most likely coincide with the Android 12 stable update.

Google has released the fifth and last beta for Pixel phones, including the Pixel 5a. Android 12 Beta 5 includes the “latest fixes, optimizations,” which were not available in Beta 4.1.

Android 12 allows you to enrich your app’s notification experience with animated images. Google also stated that your app now allows users to send images to their notifications when they reply to messages in the notification shade.

Google announced earlier that Android 12 will allow users to play the game faster than they download it. This includes downloading the game from Play store and then launching it on their device.

The new feature, called “play as you Download”, will allow developers to create more Android games.