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Heli Daruwala Comes To Himansh Kohli’s Rescue After He Injures Himself On The Sets Of T Series’ ‘Meri Tarah’

Himansh Kohli, Heli Daruwala and Gautam Gulati are all field to attain attend to your monitors in the T-Series song, Meri Tarah. The trio has shot the video of the comely romantic melody in the town of palaces, Jaipur at basically the most comely locations including a temple.

The soulful song that speaks on heartbreak and adore aspects a shot in a temple wherein Himansh used to be to depart on shards of glass to existing his adore for Heli. Don’t apprehension Himansh followers, the shards of glass were really made of sugar glass which is a most trendy area matter passe for stunt props in films. Inspite of taking the entire precautions wanted, Himansh, unfortunately, acquired minimize by the glass shards while shooting the sequence. What’s elegant is that the extensive name didn’t realise he acquired minimize till somebody from the crew saw the blood on the glass pieces that were laid out. Within minutes the entire crew had surrounded the actor, nevertheless the one who rushed to his ‘attend’ used to be Heli Daruwala.

Heli Daruwala is a dentist by occupation with recordsdata in the discipline of first attend that is given to all scientific college students. ‘Heli used to be merely incredible. Once we realised that I had trouble my foot, Heli along with the crew rushed against me and within minutes she assessed the severeness of my hurt and bandaged it with ease, elegant like all a mode of scientific marvelous would! It’s stable to claim that Heli got right here to my rescue on the sets of Meri Tarah!” says Himansh.


Many hang heard of males coming to the rescue of females nevertheless with this day’s changing conditions, it’s handiest natural that females too can attain to the rescue of males! I wager right here is totally a reminiscence from the shoot of Meri Tarah that Himansh Kohli and Heli Daruwala can be conscious for a long long time!

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