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Hema Malini Dharmendra Wedding: How much amount did Dharmendra give in Mehr for marriage with Hema Malini? will be surprised to know

Hema Malini Dharmendra Wedding: There are many such wonderful couples in Bollywood, who have reunited in real life after reel life. Dharmendra and Hema Malini are also a beautiful pair of these couples.

Hema Malini Dharmendra Wedding: There are many such stars in the Hindi cinema world, whose pair was well-liked in reel life and later they decided to make each other a humsafar. One such great pair is Dharmendra, who is called Heman of Bollywood and Hema Malini, popularly known as Dreamgirl in the cine world. Both these stars made a lot of noise on the film screen and gave more than one hit films. The news of their affairs was widely published in the magazines of that era. Due to this, Hema Malini also stopped giving interviews to journalists because these news started causing a lot of problems in her family life.

Father’s accompanying shooting

Such was the effect of these reports that Hema Malini’s father started going with her for shooting. However, before that he never went on shooting with him and he used to instruct Hema in Tamil so that she should stay away from Dharmendra.

Dharmendra and Hema Malini marriage

After all, the car brought the love of these two stars and their love was won and on August 21, 1979, both the stars changed their name and got married. Dharmendra did this so that he would not have to divorce his first wife. Dharmendra had given Hema Malini full one lakh eleven thousand rupees as Meher.

Other stars were also in line

Many other stars also dreamed of marrying Hema Malini. However, everyone else was left behind in front of Dharmendra’s love. According to media reports, Sanjeev Kumar had also sent a marriage relationship to Hema’s house, but Hema’s family members rejected his proposal. Not only this, it is said that actor Jitendra also wanted to marry Dream Girl.

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