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HTC will release a virtual reality headset that is geared towards media consumption.

HTC teases a new virtual reality device that will be revealed at 8 a.m. PDT on October 14, during a virtual event. Vive Flow is the expected name of the device, with the tagline “Go With The Flow”.

Protocol reported that a source familiarized with HTC’s plans stated that the new HTC headset would be marketed primarily as a media consumption device, with casual gaming access. It will not ship with handheld controllers. The Oculus Quest 2’s chipset will also power it.

The Flow will feature 6-degree freedom tracking making it more immersive and realistic than the Oculus Go.

Even more evidence is available now: The Bluetooth SIG consortium announced plans for a new “VR-AIO [all-in one] product” late last year. This refers to a standalone headset that does not require a connection with a computer to run VR experiences.

Hue is the codename for the device. This means that it will be similar to Project Proton’s prototype in early 2020.

According to a source, HTC is currently developing its own virtual world called Viveport Verse. You would be able to control and visit HTC’s metaverse events using your avatar.

The Viveport Verse will be available at a NFT showroom. But the best part? It will not be restricted to VR headset owners. It will be accessible on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

HTC is also exploring the possibility of adding a persistent social layer for Hubs using Mastodon, an open source social network. It is not known how the products will be connected. Verse’s availability date is unknown. However, the company has not yet revealed when Verse will become available for consumers. HTC could withdraw from the project.

The future of HTC in consumer VR is dependent on how it convinces people to believe in its vision for the Flow headset. It was designed to be used as a media consumption device. This could make it a viable option for those who wish to use their headset to view Netflix or try out some VR apps.

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