If Nitish Kumar wants justice for the poor, he should give up on reservation benefits: BJP MLA

Surendra Singh, BJP MLA, attacked Nitish Kumar, Bihar Chief Minister, Tuesday for demanding a caste based census in the country. He said that if he truly wants justice for the people of the poor, then he should give up on reservation benefits with other wealthy individuals from marginalised communities.

Kumar led a 10 party delegation that met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi Monday to support the demand for a caste Census.

Singh stated, “I ask Nitish Kumar, and other social justice advocates, to make it clear that they want justice for their backward brothers in the poor,” Singh added.

According to the BJP MLA, the benefits of reservation will be made available to the backward class poor.

Kumar stated that statistical data about the different castes would help to formulate effective development plans, as many have not received the same benefits as their actual population.

Tejashwi Yadav of RJD, who was part the delegation, said that such a census was in the national interest. He also stated that it would be historic and help the most vulnerable sections of society.