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India criticizes OIC-IPHRC for Yasin Malik’s death sentence

India strongly condemns the OIC-IPHRC’s remarks on Yasin Malik being sentenced to life imprisonment by NIA in a terror funding case.

Arindam Bagchi, spokesperson at the Ministry of External Affairs said Friday that India found unacceptable comments by OIC IPHRC today criticizing India’s decision in Yasin Mallik’s case. OIC-IPHRC implied support for Yasin’s terrorist activities by making these comments. These comments were also documented and presented to the Court. We urge OIC to not justify terrorism in any way.

The OIC took to Twitter to condemn the illegal conviction of Yassen Malik, a prominent Kashmiri politician, on concocted charges. This was after a sham trial in India. Inhumane conditions are used to imprison him, which reflect the systemic Indian bias and persecution against Kashmiri Muslims in IOJK.

“These acts of blatant violations of human rights against innocent Kashmiris are designed to deny Kashmiris their right to self determination. It not only constitutes travesty in Indian justice, but also exposes the claims to democracy,” it stated in another tweet.

These two tweets caused a lot of controversy and the MEA released a statement condemning the OIC’s position.


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