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Inspirated by KGF’s “Rocky Bhai”, a 15-year-old Hyderabadi lad attempts to smoke and ends up in hospital

Hyderabadi teenager, who had smoked a pack of cigarettes the first time, suffered severe symptoms that required immediate medical attention.

Century Hospital, a top multi-specialty hospital in the city, announced on Saturday that they had successfully treated a teenage smoker who fell seriously ill after he was inspired by Rocky Bhai, a KGF movie character. The boy required immediate medical attention for the treatment of his symptoms and strong counseling.

The 15-year-old boy was a resident of Rajendranagar, Hyderabad. His parents discovered that he had smoked three packs of cigarettes in the two days following his viewing of KGF2 movie. According to hospital officials, the boy saw the movie the second week after it was released. He was inspired by the “style” of Rocky Bhai and decided to copy him by smoking. However, he became severely ill.

Dr Rohith Pathuri, Consultant Pulmonologist at Century Hospital, commented on the case. He said that teenagers can be easily influenced and influenced by characters such as ‘Rocky Bhai. This young boy smoked and became very sick after having consumed a whole pack of cigarettes. Movies have a powerful influence on society. It is crucial that actors and movie makers take a moral responsibility not to glorify smoking, chewing tobacco, or drinking alcohol. Rocky Bhai and other characters have a large following. Young minds can be influenced by these demigods.

“Parents of teenagers should ensure that they monitor their children’s actions and identify factors that may be influencing them. Parents should not regret later. It is better to educate their children about the harmful effects of smoking and drinking alcohol. Dr Rohith reddy stated that sometimes beating children, as in this instance, may not produce the best outcome.

Doctors believe that smoking during childhood or adolescence leads to significant health problems in young people. These include an increase of the severity and number of respiratory illnesses, reduced physical fitness, and potential effects on lung function and growth. This is where an addiction to smoking can take root, and often lasts into adulthood.


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