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Is the singer Prince’s net worth higher after his tragic death?

Prince is often remembered as a bold musician who made their own path. Prince was well-known for wearing frills, eyeliner and flashy pants while performing. He was equally at ease singing love songs into the microphone as he was expressing his emotions on his Blue Cloud guitar.

Prince was many things in his long, distinguished career. He was a pioneer. He was an iconic figure. He was a legend. He was the Artist Formerly Known As Prince or simply The Artist. Unfortunately for his family & business associates, however, he was not a finance savvy accountant.

After his death, it put them all in an uncomfortable position. Instead of being able to focus on grieving, they ended up having to figure out how to split Prince’s assets. The singer may now have a higher net worth now that he’s gone, but all may not be as it seems on the books.

Net worth

No person’s true worth can be measured in dollar signs. It’s best understood in terms of their impact on the people around them and what they make of themselves when they’re alive. That being said, monetary net worth is the sum of one’s assets and those can fluctuate before & after death.

When Prince was alive, the singer’s net worth was between $200 million and $300 million. The IRS estimates it at $163.2 million. Because Prince is no longer able to add capital, it makes sense. The legal battles surrounding his assets have also prevented their value from rising.

Nevertheless, Prince’s impact on the world is eternal and cannot be limited by financial impact. Artists like Beyoncé & Alicia Keys have been forever inspired by his daring artistry. Artists like Frank Ocean & Sinead O’Connor have been equally inspired by his willingness to stand up to greedy record labels. You can’t put a number on that kind of influence.

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On June 7, 1958, a new star was created. Prince Rogers Nelson, the singer also known as Prince, was immediately surrounded by music & protest. His mother was an accomplished jazz singer, while his father was a songwriter and his great aunt was the founder of Peace Movement of Ethiopia. When he was twelve years old, even his teachers went on strike.

Prince knew he was not going to be a silent participant in the music industry. His determination enabled him to record so many albums, and win so many awards, that Wikipedia has separate pages for them all. Albums like Purple Rain

to songs like “1999”, Prince wasn’t afraid to say what he wanted – no matter how raunchy he got.

The passing of Prince Rogers Nelson (the singer and songwriter known as Prince) was mourned by the entire world on April 21, 2016. Officially, it was ruled that he died from accidental fentanyl addiction. Contrary to his vivacious life, he passed quietly & alone in his Minnesota home. He was a fierce musician, and his fiery spirit meant that he never gave up on a fight.

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Battle of the wills

Prince was a vivacious man, but he never married or had children. Well, in the words of Nicki Minaj, one could argue that current artists are his sons, but that’s another conversation. He didn’t have anyone to inherit his estate or a will to decide the fate of his assets.

While his siblings became de facto beneficiaries of his inheritance, Prince Legacy LLC his holding company started arguing for their share. Prince was a talented singer, but his finances were in serious trouble. The legal dispute between his siblings & holding company over his $156 million estate only recently came to a peaceful resolution.

Prince was not a stranger to legal battles over his assets. Prior to his death, he’d been in a long-time dispute with Warner Bros. over his masters. When they wouldn’t release them, he re-recorded his songs after changing his name to a symbol. He was not making fun of people, but he was trying to make a point.

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Prince is remembered by his music and performances as well as his passion for self-advocacy. Many artists today still cite him as a singer when discussing their influences. Both his struggles & triumphs live on in industry infamy.

Prince’s influence on meme culture has also been lost. His ability to side eye, throw shade, and speak loudly with his silent reactions lives on in memes & gifs alike. Prince is a great example of what you can tell even if you don’t hear him say it.

Prince is an inspiration to many. But there will never again be another Prince. He was the voice and inspiration of his generation. He was also an accomplished musician, and will likely continue to be an influence on upcoming musicians. His worth extends beyond his financial net worth. Wendy Williams said that he will always be the present.


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