It’s an ever-changing situation, but it’s still a mess: Hussain

Nasser Hussain, an ex-England captain, said that although the situation regarding the cancellation of the fifth Test between England & India is changing, it is still a mess. He said there was no confirmation on the outcome of the match. Fears of an increase in COVID-19 cases at the Indian camp meant that Friday’s fifth Test between England & India was cancelled.

It’s an ever-changing situation but it’s not a perfect one. The final Test has already begun. It won’t take place at Old Trafford. For the moment, there is no Test match at Old Trafford. The Test match isn’t happening. The question of who forfeited the match and what the final result were has not been resolved. In due course, the ECB and India will discuss this with each other. There has been no forfeiture. “It is an evolving situation that this Test match has been canceled and that will be end of the Indian tour to England,” Hussain said while speaking to Sky Sports from Old Trafford Cricket Ground.

After Yogesh Parmar, the second physiotherapist for the Indian team was found to be positive for COVID-19, Hussain offered his sympathy to the players. “I feel a lot of sympathy for the Indian players. It was their second physio, the first with Ravi Shastri (and the rest of the backroom staff). They were there on the fifth day. After testing positive, they had to isolate. This was the second physio, who had been treating all of the players. Imagine fifth Test match. Sore bodies and sore bowlers will result. It is impossible to do physiotherapy without being close to the patients and touching their faces. I have a lot sympathy for all of those players. Even though they have already tested negative a few times, during the incubation period of two to three days, they will worry suddenly that three or four of them have gone down. Then you have covid subs and so on. It’s a disaster. Hussain, 53 years old, expressed his sympathy for the fans on their way to watch the Test match. But my real sympathy is for the crowd. When I got in the taxi this morning to get here, someone shouted “I will see you at the ground”. I replied, “I don’t believe you will, for what I’m hearing.” People would have taken days off work to book hotels. The ECB has confirmed that ticket sales will be refunded.

“But I can only imagine how many people waited to see this Test match, which was perfectly set up. England could win a 2-1 victory over India. This is a great Test match, in a great atmosphere. It would have been nice to end the summer after what both cricket and sides have gone through. It is a shame that the series ends on such a low note because of the hard work done by everyone on the backroll and the bubble time that they did.