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Japan’s response to China escalates in Taiwan Strait

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According to a media report, Japan seems to be preparing for an armed conflict in East China Sea. This is because China’s invasion in Taiwan is increasingly likely after the Russian invasion in Ukraine.
According to Singapore Post, China increased its military activities within the Pacific region after signing a security agreement with Solomon Islands.
Last month, the Solomon Islands and China signed the framework agreement for security cooperation. The US and its allies are concerned that it could be used to create a military base on an island in the Pacific.
The report stated that Japan had begun to take measures to strengthen its position in the wake of the Taiwan conflict. This will result in its active involvement.
China attracted the Solomon Islands, forcing it to recognize Taiwan with assurances of investment and tourist visit. Singapore Post reported that China was able to build a military base about 2,000km from the country’s eastern borders.
Further, it was reported that China might use similar tactics to bring in other islands nations such as Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea and Kiribati. Taiwan also allies with the Marshall Islands and Nauru. The US and Australia are both upset by this.
The report noted that Japan has a number of pacts with these countries, meaning Japan should join them in the event of an armed conflict with China.

Japan’s relations are falling with China due to geopolitical tensions. There is also strong anti-China sentiment and security threats.
Japan’s citizens have expressed dismay at China’s claim on Senkaku Islands (Diaoyu Islands) in Chinese.
Japan’s concerns have grown since the bonds between Russia and China grew stronger after the invasion of Ukraine.
Russia has already criticized Japan and stopped talks on a treaty of peace to join the international voices against it. Already, the two countries are at odds over control of Kurlis islands.
China was a strong supporter of Russia during the invasion of Ukraine. The report stated that this draws Russia closer to China, and puts pressure on Japan.
It said that Japan had made a clear statement in the Taiwan Strait Conflict and has decided support Taiwan should China invade.
According to Singapore Post, the Chinese flotilla is now closer to Japanese territorial boundaries. Japan will now be seen as urgent in increasing its defenses to respond to any possible Chinese attacks.

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