Jessica Alba talks about experiencing sexism early in acting career

Jessica Alba, an actress, was subject to sexism when she started her career in the entertainment sector.

The “L.A.” star said that she was not taken seriously by Hollywood when she started out in the industry. According to, the ‘L.A. Finest’ star stated that Hollywood didn’t treat her seriously when she started out in Hollywood and that she often wished she could be treated “the way (she saw) men being treated on movie sets.”

She stated that she wanted to be treated in the same way as men were treated. Men were told that they were smart if they had ideas about the characters or the story. Women, however, were told that they were not as smart. Do you have an opinion? It was almost as if you were aggressive and a man seemed assertive and powerful. Alba said that attitudes towards strong women were oppressive in many ways, especially when it came down to women being equal.

Alba eventually built up a large on-camera portfolio and launched her own business, The Honest Company in 2012.

When she feels most empowered in her work, she says she must “allow” that feeling to happen.

She said, “For a long period, I felt like it wasn’t my right to deserve it.” It’s one thing to try to achieve a goal, but it was difficult to give myself the space to succeed and to acknowledge that, or to feel intelligent. Alba’s company was listed in May 2021. The actress from ‘Sin City” hopes that her brand will continue to grow and she will be remembered as “fearless, hardworking, and dedicated”.

People magazine quoted her as saying: “I want people to know that my heart is in the right place.” It’s been a blessing to have these amazing people in my life. They stick with me, even though I can sometimes be annoying and persistent. We get to make some pretty amazing memories together, but I’m not sure.