Kamal Haasan calls for an investigation into illegal sand mining close to Marina beach

Kamal Haasan, South Indian Superstar and Makkal Needhi Maiam president, has asked the Tamil Nadu government for a thorough investigation into illegal sand mining near Chennai’s Marina beach.

In a Friday statement, the superstar stated that illegal sand-mining has caused many concerns, including theft of sand and inaction by the government machinery. He also said that the continued illegal sand-mining operations have been going on despite the fact that the state government has changed.

Haasan stated that the cooum river sand is sea sand because it is near Marina beach. He stated that sea sand is not used for construction and that the people who sell it are doing a great injustice to the construction industry.

He stated that buildings made with sea sand will fall. Police and the state government must investigate where and to whom this sand was sold.

Kamal Haasan stated that people who live in buildings made with this sand are at risk because these buildings can fall at any moment.

M.K., the Chief Minister, was urged by him. Stalin was urged to immediately take action and launch a thorough investigation to capture those responsible.