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Karachi protests triggered by water shortage and loadshedding

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At a press conference, Chief Hafiz Naem-ur-Rehman of Pakistan Jamat-e-Islami (JI), announced that he would launch protests against increasing power outages in Karachi and the growing water scarcity.
According to the JI Karachi Chief if Pakistan’s government does not resolve its acute power crisis and growing water crisis within 48 hour, Hafiz will stage a protest outside Karachi Electric (KE) headquarters, reported Ary News. Hafiz further announced protests in 100 areas of the city Friday.
The JI chief stated that Karachi is already suffering from extreme water shortages. These are made worse by long-standing load-sheddings. This adversely affects the people of Pakistan.

Hafiz claimed that Pakistan’s Federal Energy Minister had said that there were no power shortages in Pakistan. He also questioned whether Karachi was not part of Pakistan. Ary News reported that KE’s performance has worsened since the privatization. KE has been spending more than Rs 66 441 million on maintenance.
Hafiz noted that although KE’s profit was increased by 220pc, power cut rates are rising.
The JI Chief stated that KE has been putting off the inauguration at Bin Qasim since 2018, but is now taking steps to make it operational. Ary News reports that extreme power cuts and high temperatures in Karachi, along with the severe heat, have caused problems for the people of Pakistan.
Pakistan is currently ranked in the top 10 of countries that face water scarcity. A UN representative stressed the causes of water problems by citing climate change, flooding, and drought. A lack of fuel, and other technical pitfalls caused the closure of many power plants in Pakistan. This has led to an electricity shortage that can cause power outages lasting for up to 10 hours per day. A few powerplants did not receive capacity payments after the shutdown.

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