Kristen Stewart discusses her obsession with Princess Diana

Kristen Stewart plays the role of Princess Diana in the psychological drama film “Spencer”. She admitted obsessing about her character as she prepared for the role.

She stated that she means a lot to her, but that it’s still relatively new for me because I’m from Los Angeles and haven’t grown up in England. She was not something I thought about before this because she lived so far from me. It’s hard to stop thinking about her.

“I wonder often what she would think about the current state of the world. To be truthful, I have seen all the videos and interviewed that there is.

“I have seen everything you can hear or see. It’s even on my bed when I go to sleep. reports that the actress noticed that despite their apparent differences, they shared certain personality traits.

Stewart was once the highest-paid actress worldwide and believes these similarities were what helped her to succeed in the role.

According to The Sun newspaper, she said that “I’m not very good at acting.” It’s impossible to fake it.

“I expose a part of me. I don’t know how performers create a performance. It’s both scary and strange, but it’s also a bummer.

“I don’t believe I’m good at anything that doesn’t come from a real place. To be able to love the characters I have played, I had to always be able to vouch for them. Stewart stated that Stewart’s fame is nothing compared to the Princess’s.

She stated that she was “the most famous woman in the entire world.” Although I have had a lot of it, it is not as monumental and symbolic as a whole country or the entire world. “Spencer” focuses on Diana’s separation from Prince Charles.