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K’taka HC orders an investigation into a man who forced his wife to have unnatural sex

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The High Court condemned the Karnataka police’s mediocre investigation into the case of a husband who forced his spouse to have unnatural sexual relations. It ordered the cops involved to conduct an investigation and to file additional charges.

The court ordered the police to file an additional charge sheet within two months. It also requested that the lower court cease proceeding with the case.

The High Court has condemned the police for only investigating dowry cases. The wife filed a complaint against her husband for forcing her to have unnatural sex, and sending her father obscene photos.

Justice M. Nagaprasanna headed the bench and gave the order Tuesday. The petition was brought up by the accused husband, who asked the court to end the dowry proceedings against her. A petition was also filed by the wife alleging that her complaint was not properly investigated and seeking direction from police.

The victim from Chhattisgarh and the Bengaluru accused fell in love while they were studying in IIT Bombay 2013. They were both pursuing PhDs and got married in 2015.

After their marriage, they remained in Bengaluru. Soon after, the wife complained about her husband’s unnatural sex. She moved to Chattisgarh with her parents.

After the accuser assured her that she would not repeat the error, she returned to her husband. Her husband, however, did not change his ways and returned to his old ways. She returned to her parents’ house in 2016 and was again resolute.

She claimed that the accused sent her private videos and photos to her father, and threatened to make them famous.

He also sent photos of her father to his friends. The victim filed a complaint in Chhattisgarh.

Raipur police made a complaint under IPC Sections 498A, 377, and 66(E) of the IT Act. Later, the case was transferred to Viveknagar, Bengaluru police station, where they investigated only the dowry accusations against the accused, and presented a chargesheet.

The court heard petitions in connection to the case. It stated that the Bengaluru Police who investigated the case had dropped all the IPC Section 377/IT Act charges from the complaint filed and registered by Chhattisgarh officers.

The court also observed that reports on the mobile phone of the victim’s dad, which were sent to Forensic Science Laboratory, are not included in the Bengaluru police’s charge sheet.

To investigate Sections 66(E), and 67 of IT Act, the investigation officer has not taken the phone from the husband. This demonstrates the poor quality of the police’s investigation, the bench stated.

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