Leslie Grace shares how she discovered she was a ‘Batgirl”

Actress Leslie Grace reveals how she discovered that Barbara Gordon, the new superhero film, had been cast for her role.

Variety.com reports that the film’s star, In the Heights, was asked by the filmmakers for a last-minute Zoom to complete a casting test. After she had read the email text they had just sent, she was directed to read it.

Grace stated that she opened the envelope and found it said, “I’m Batgirl and my brain was broken” at Sunday’s MTV VMAs at Barclays Center in New York.

She stated, “It was an amazing moment. It was incredible. I don’t mean “I could not believe it”. When I heard the news, my brain literally burst into pieces. Grace got right to work immediately and read as many comics possible.

“That was my first question. What do I read?” I was like, “Send me all the information I need.” I bought every comic, and started asking so many questions. She is unable to reveal the storyline of the film or whether any of her Batman counterparts, Robert Pattinson or Ben Affleck, will appear in her movie.

“But I will tell ya this, Batgirl’s a badass. She will be fighting many people. She will be extremely hands-on. She has a lot of things to prove. She hopes that young audiences will be inspired and motivated by Latina Batgirl. “I’m excited for every young girl who will see a Dominican Batichica, and say, ‘I can do this,'” she stated. “I cannot wait.” Grace was awarded the title role in July.

Filming is scheduled to start in November.