Lucknow witnesses a spike in dengue cases

Lucknow was the capital of Uttar Pradesh with the most dengue cases in a single day.

On Wednesday, 12 teenagers, 10 men, and 10 women were among the new cases.

Doctors said six patients needed to be admitted to hospital due to their serious condition. They also noted that their platelet count was low.

Others were sent home after receiving medicines, and are now recuperating at their homes.


Although most cases were reported from areas with high caseloads like Aliganj and NK Road, Chinhat and Indira Nagar as well as Turiyaganj and Chinhat where there were many new cases, some were also reported in new locations in Maal or Kakori.

The main causes of dengue are water accumulation and poor hygiene.

The dengue virus carrier, the female Aedes aegypti moth-female Aedes aegypti moth-lays eggs in freshwater accumulated in various areas of households.

According to health officers, people shouldn’t panic and should instead take preventive steps. They appealed to the civic authorities to organize a cleanliness drive.

Wednesday’s cases have brought the total number of dengue cases in the city to 575, an increase from January.

These 495 (86%) cases were reported over the past 43 days, with an average daily of 12 cases.

Manoj Agrawal, Chief Medical Officer, stated that there are extensive activities to control mosquitoes, particularly in areas with high cases. Health workers have been going door-to-door to distribute kits and spread awareness under the infectious diseases program. After scanning 2,713 locations in Gomti Nagar and Balaganj, Mallahi Tola and Nishatganj, the larvae were discovered in 27 homes.