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No sterilization, no condom! This method will stop the pregnancy by controlling the sperm of men

According to a research, male contraceptive pills suppress testosterone levels without side effects and also reduce sperm count. Due to which there is no risk of pregnancy. How do these pills work and researchers…

Until now, contraceptive pills were available in the market only for women, but recently scientists have made birth control pills for men as well, which can be successful in preventing the partner’s pregnancy without harming the health of men. Recently, a new study has claimed, two male contraceptive pills can lower testosterone levels and sperm count without any side effects. The study will be presented at the Endocrine Society’s annual meeting in Atlanta.

men want to use medicine

Two drugs named DMAU and 11b-MNTDC are part of progestogenic androgen drugs. Generally, there are many disadvantages of drugs that lower the testosterone level. These drugs also reduce testosterone, but there are no side effects. Suppresses testosterone, which reduces sperm count.

The methods that men adopt to reduce testosterone levels have side effects. But when these drugs were used in research, it was found that most of the men wanted to use these drugs even further.

Research done on 96 men

In a clinical trial of research conducted in two phases, 96 healthy men were involved. During both trials, the men were given two or four oral medications or a placebo daily for 28 days. The findings found that men taking the drug had lower than normal testosterone levels after seven days, and men taking placebo had normal testosterone levels.

Research found that 75 percent of men taking the drug said they would like to continue using it, compared to only 46.7 percent of those who took the placebo. Men who took four pills (400 mg) daily had lower testosterone levels than those who took two pills (200 mg).

Will help in preventing unwanted pregnancy

According to Tamar Jacobson, lead researcher of the Contraceptive Development Program at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in the US, the methods of pregnancy in men are currently sterilization and condoms, which are the only contraceptive options available for women. are quite limited in comparison. Exploring effective contraceptive methods for men will have a positive impact on overall health by reducing unwanted pregnancies in both men and women. This will help men to play an active role in family planning as well.

Jacobson further said, “Positive results by men in clinical trials and willingness to re-use the drug will potentially give new heights to male birth control in the times to come.”

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