McCullum was able to break the tournament at a great time

Brendon McCullum, Kolkata Knight Riders coach believes that the IPL 2021 break caused by COVID-19 in India was a positive event for his team. He felt that the break allowed them to look at their problems from the first half and resolve them before the second leg.

“I believe the break in tournament came at a great time for us. McCullum shared his thoughts with SENZ Breakfast Wednesday that we have been able to recalibrate our game and fix a few areas that were broken in the first part of the tournament.

McCullum believed that instilling fearlessness and freedom within the team was a key factor in Kolkata’s success in the second half in the UAE tournament.

“For us, we have to let the old ways die a bit. When you think about T20 cricket, the old style of cricket is that you try to hit a boundary and get one. He also shared his insight on the language used in Kolkata and how it affects the players. The language used within the team is aggressive. It’s intent. It’s about mindset. That language allows guys to have a positive mindset, which hopefully frees them up from worrying about whether they can get out of their ruts or not. They start to focus on the positive aspects of the game and put pressure on the opponents. “We don’t have anything to fear. So go out and enjoy the game and let it unfold. The 40-year old said that it was a bit encouraging for the guys to see that the game could be played this way. When they met in Sharjah, on September 28, Kolkata beat Delhi Capitals by three wickets.

Two-time champions will now take on Delhi in Qualifier 2, which takes place in Sharjah on Wednesday night. The Qualifier 2 winner will face Chennai Super Kings in Friday’s final in Dubai.