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Michael B. Jordan says he wants mentor Denzel Washington to join Marvel Cinematic Universe

Actor Michael B. Jordan recently revealed his plans for carving out a role for his mentor–Oscar-winning actor Denzel Washington in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

According to People magazine, Washington and Jordan recently had a question-and-answer session with their fans in promotion of their movie “A Journal for Jordan.”


One fan asked Washington, 34 years old, if he would like to appear in a Marvel movie.

“Yes! No hesitation. Yes, I have some things in my mind. Jordan, who was a star in Marvel’s “Black Panther”, said.

“You better hurry! Yes, I do! But I got you. “I got some ideas for this,” the ‘Creed” actor said.

Washington joked that “Hey! Concentrate on only one thing. “I sound like a dad.”

They shared a warm laugh, while Jordan said, “After Creed III is finished, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.” After I’ve finished that project, my mind is free to wander [to] other creative projects.”

People magazine reports that Washington directed Jordan’s latest film. It is based upon the true story about a soldier who keeps a journal in his absence from home.

After becoming a fan of Jordan in 2013, for his performance in “Fruitvale Station”, the Oscar-winning actor said that he knew Jordan was the right man for the role.

Washington spoke about Jordan during an interview, saying that the IT factor was just that. There is no real name for it.

Jordan cited Malcolm X among his favorite films by the older star.

“That was the movie my dad requested that we watch. I still remember being completely captivated by the whole performance. It was amazing. It was so strong that I feel chills. It was so powerful. It was so powerful to see him become me. Jordan stated, “That was a special moment for me.”

“A Journal for Jordan” was released in theatres December 25, 2021.

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