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Monthly Horoscope, Cancer, September 2021

September 2021, Cancer Horoscope

This month is very busy and you will begin new projects in the first week. According to the tropical calendar, the new moon will rise under the sign of Virgo. This will add to the work-related stress. Teachers, writers, and sales professionals are likely to be spending a lot of their time. This domain will have more job seekers, so it is important to make this a priority. During this month, you can also keep in touch with your family members and siblings. Due to the solar influence, blunt speech may be a possibility, which could lead to arguments.

Your career and family will be greatly affected by Venus and Mercury. There will be family gatherings and real estate deals. Celebrations will be held at home. However, this depends on where Venus and Mercury are placed in your birth chart. This is a great time to put more effort into improving your home’s physical environment. Your family will be in constant communication. Your career will be impacted by Venus and Mercury, which means you can expect to find new opportunities. There will be a lot of work from the creative and communication-related domains.

You will be focusing your attention on foreign travels during the last week. This is because the full moon rises over your 9th house for higher education and foreign travels. This month is also a great time to work on projects from other countries. Interacting with foreign communities will be your main activity. This month will feature a lot of travel and studying. You only need to plan and do your research. This month will see a high level of spiritual inclination. The full moon is a sign of completions. This will lead to completions in publishing and writing projects. Students and teachers will find this moon phase challenging.

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